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Hello person!
I did not choose the kpop life, the kpop life chose me. Was multifandom but now I kinda just- OTL
Shawol (Taemint), Exotic, L.O./\.E., Minime, BBC, and Hyuna is my wife.
I will ocassionally reblog some other stuff such as Harry Potter and book related thingies and maybe an occassional cat.
You can talk to me, I will very much appreciate it ^^
Enjoy your stay! :D

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Tagged as: princeu, squishy,



midnight starlight



Hello this is EXO’s Kai

Did you perhaps see the total lunar eclipse a few days ago? If not, perhaps the rubber duck floating in the lake?
I always find myself wondering how all our fans have been doing.
So now, I’m writing this to check up on you all and keep the promise I made last time.

How are you spending your day today?

I usually have schedules, but when my schedule isn’t too packed, I usually go meet my family or practice on my own.

That’s quite mundane, right?

However, today is a bit different from other days in that I’m doing something more special and fun.

How about you all? Is your daily routine similar to mine?

To make today slightly different from any other day, spend your time rearranging furniture, the way you position your shoes, or the overall setup of your home. How about finding happiness in small things like that?

While it may appear to be a normal day from the outside looking in, these small changes may make the day more interesting and enjoyable.

Though this familiar space looks different, I suppose we’ll once again get used to a peaceful, normal life after familiarizing ourselves, right?
I’d really love it if everyone could think like this as well.

As long as you all are here with me, anything is possible.
I love EXO-L a lot~ you know that, right?
Until now, it has been Kai, who will always walk beside his fans.

P.S. These hearts that hold much love for each other, please don’t ever change!!

trans: fy-exo | source: exo-l’s official website
please take out with credits.

kim jonghyun……ugh..

kim jonghyun……ugh..

boyfriend is back(♡ˊ͈ ॢ꒳ ॢˋ͈)♪